Beyond evaluations: Community Connector Learning Review

Going beyond evaluations - Community Connector Learning ReviewAid Works recently led a learning review for USAID/Uganda via QED LLC’s Learning Contract. The objective of this learning review was to provide an independent assessment of the current status of the Community Connector project’s implementation approaches so that lessons and recommendations could shape and inform the design of future activities. The review covered nutrition, agriculture and livelihoods activities in north and south Uganda. 

Community Connector (CC) – a five year activity beginning in January 2012 – is designed to contribute to reducing poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition, and gender disparity through integrated nutrition and livelihood interventions at community level. The CC activity utilizes USAID’s adaptive management approach.

Adaptive management refers to the process of intentionally and systematically using relevant knowledge to inform decision-making and to ultimately take action. Within the development context, that action could be adjusting interventions or whole strategies, experimenting with new ways of working, scrapping programming that simply isn’t working, or scaling approaches that have demonstrated value [Source: USAID Learning Lab].

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***Update: 2nd March, 2017***

We’re still waiting for the report to be publicly released, but in the meantime, check out this fantastic infographic, to see an overview of the programme, including key findings and lessons for the future. With thanks to our talented designer, Emma Shepherd from Eskimo Design in Sheffield. If you find this useful, why not check out our other tools and resources?