Training Courses

Participants at a Training Course

All of our courses:

  • provide practical advice and information,
  • make technical issues easy to digest and understand,
  • build learners’ confidence as well as their practical skills,
  • offer the opportunity to meet aid workers and network.

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Monitoring & Evaluation for Aid Workers (2 days) Register Interest

Aid work is increasingly focused on achieving results. Here at Aid Works, we have extensive experience of reviewing and developing monitoring systems for a range of NGOs and donors. Practical and focussed, this course takes you through our lessons learnt on developing relevant monitoring systems and tools, monitoring value for money, and designing an evaluation.

Careers in Aid Work (1 day) Register Interest

This workshop is an essential introduction for anyone interested in a career in aid work. You will learn about the opportunities available to you in the sector, and explore how to get that all-important first job. Find out more in the course factsheet.

Managing People in the Field (1/2 day) Register Interest

Managing people is a difficult skill to master and one which all aid workers need. Field missions are particularly challenging, with their mix of local and international staff, paid staff and volunteers, complex legal frameworks, security issues, high stress levels and cultural differences. This course explores such challenges using real-life case studies and typical scenarios. Find out more in the course factsheet.

Staying Safe Overseas (1 day) Register Interest

International work is becoming more dangerous and we have to improve how we prepare ourselves. This course covers the types of threats you may face, priority precautions you should take to improve your personal security and what support you can expect from your host organisation. The course is targeted at anyone working in a developing country, whether voluntarily or paid. Find out more in the course factsheet.

Being an Aid Worker – Basic Skills (1 day) Register Interest

This course covers the essential personal and programmatic skills needed to be an aid worker, as identified by our recent survey of practitioners. Key topics include context and actors, assessing needs, managing projects and monitoring activities. Find out more in the course factsheet.

Donor for a Day (2 hour session) Register Interest

Why do we give aid? What happens with the money? How can we best allocate donor funds? This short and interactive session deals some of the fundamental questions behind funding overseas aid. Find out more here.