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University Challenge, Anyone?

Health Committee Meeting in Magwi County

Health Committee Meeting in Magwi County

Aid Works recently partnered with University of Sheffield postgraduates to work with unused data from a large-scale community survey. The survey was originally carried out by the DFID-led Health Pooled Fund in South Sudan with our support, back in 2014. Continue reading

Eliminating neglected tropical diseases through community participation


It is estimated that over 1 billion of the world’s most disadvantaged and poor people suffer from at least one neglected tropical disease (NTD), which can significantly affect their physical and emotional wellbeing.

In Mozambique, an estimated 17 million people are infected by lymphatic filariasis  caused by worms, with nearly 40,000 people having chronic conditions*. These victims need to be detected and treated, and the role of the local community is fundamental in supporting sufferers. Continue reading

So, who is helping the Syrians?

Refugee Donation Drop Off Point - NewquayYou can’t turn on the TV, radio or open a newspaper at the moment without hearing about Syrian refugees and the ‘European Migrant Crisis’. But did you know that the Syrian conflict has been raging for more than 4 years? Or that less than 10% of Syrians who have fled the conflict have sought safety in Europe – while over 4 million Syrian refugees are registered in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and North Africa (UNHCR – 13th Sept ’15). Or that UNOCHA estimates there are 7.6m internally displaced people in Syria, and that 12.2m people are in need of humanitarian assistance? Or that the majority of the humanitarian response is being implemented by Syrians themselves?

We asked Eba Pasha, humanitarian health worker, to recall her experiences working on the World Health Organisation’s response to the Syrian crisisContinue reading

What’s next for health in South Sudan?


Buzungua Primary Healthcare Centre, Yambio County

Mo recently led a team of specialists (including systems experts from Charlie Goldsmith Associates), to conduct a Health Learning Assessment in South Sudan for USAID, in collaboration with MSI Worldwide. The purpose was to provide USAID with a better understanding of the health needs in South Sudan, to help them reach decisions on improving future programs. Continue reading

Preparing for the next major medical emergency

Emergency Surgical Response Unit - Francis Wood

Emergency Surgical Response Unit – Francis Woods

Aid Works is working with Save the Children UK to help improve the health information system for their Emergency Surgical Response Unit.

The Unit will function as an emergency resource in the event of a natural disaster causing mass casualties, or in conflict scenarios requiring longer-term trauma, surgical or clinical care support. Continue reading

Building systems for the future

Supervisory tool testing at Nimule Hospital, South Sudan

Mo has just returned from South Sudan, where he was working with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Health Information Systems Programme to support the Ministry of Health (MoH) in exploring the next generation of health systems. During the visit he explored three types of system; hospital information systems, the District Health Information Software 2 and supervisory tools for health facilities. Continue reading

Event: ‘Focus on Global Health’ forum at the University of Sheffield

Wulu Primary Health Care Centre, Lakes State, South Sudan

Wulu Primary Health Care Centre, Lakes State, South Sudan

On 13th February, Mo will be speaking at the Focus on Global Health event at the University of Sheffield. This event will provide a forum to discuss a range of global health work that is currently being carried out within the University and by the local practitioner community.  Continue reading