Unleashing Your Inner Leader

In order to drive much-needed change, the aid sector needs a new way of approaching leadership skills. Our sister organisation, The Innovation, is offering a unique workshop Unleashing Your Inner Leader, which will facilitate learning in neglected and under-valued leadership skills. This course is for anyone, located anywhere around the globe – you don’t have to be in charge to be a leader!

Anti-racism Unpacked 

Now is the time for change in the aid sector. Our new six-session package Anti-racism Unpacked offers a safe, confidential space to help individuals become change makers in anti-racism. If a programme is too much, and you just need a one-off dig-deep call to help you get your direction sorted – get in touch.

Aid Works is a social enterprise which provides project support and learning services to local and international organisations, and helps change makers to unlock their potential. We design projects, develop systems, evaluate organisations’ work, develop individuals’ skills and most importantly help to make change happen.

“Above all, I hope we can stop discussing whether aid works, and spend more time talking about how it can work better.”

Bill Gates, 2014 Gates Annual Letter.