Racism in Aid Survey Report

Aid Works teamed up with Thomson Reuters Foundation to conduct a rapid survey on racism in the aid sector. Through this survey, we aimed to provide a platform for aid workers to share their experiences and ultimately, to provide an evidence base for change in the sector. Download the report here.

Evaluation Process Toolkit

We want to help build local expertise to support organisations and consultants in the global south to conduct evaluations. Our Toolkit guides you through each stage of an evaluation and is suitable for all experience levels. Find out how to access the Toolkit here.

Aid Works is a social enterprise which provides project support and learning services to local and international organisations, and helps change makers to unlock their potential. We design projects, develop systems, evaluate organisations’ work, develop individuals’ skills and most importantly help to make change happen.

“Above all, I hope we can stop discussing whether aid works, and spend more time talking about how it can work better.”

Bill Gates, 2014 Gates Annual Letter.