Mia – our Managing Director – specialises in programme management, operations, finance and grants management and building skills. She has worked for INGOs and private sector organisations in East & West Africa, the Pacific and the UK. Check out her LinkedIn profile here. ijhfksjfkjskfjsfjsjfksjfiksjfisjfisjfisjfisjfisjfiosjfisjdfksdjfksdjfksdjfklsdjfksd                                                                                                                            Mo – our Director of Programmes – specialises in information systems, monitoring & evaluation and building skills. He has worked for INGOs, fund managers and the UN in East & West Africa,  Latin America and the UK. He is the British Expertise International Young Consultant of the Year 2016. Check out his LinkedIn profile here. jhfjhfjafakjfaopfjaopsfjopasjfopasfjopasjfopajfopasjfopasjfopasfjosfjsofjpofj

Jess – our Research and Relationships Coordinator –  manages our relationships and communications with associates, consultants and the public.  Jess also supports our programme work including our free tools and information to support aid sector workers. She has worked in research, evaluation, programmes and communications for INGOs in the UK, sub-Saharan Africa and India. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.


Our Associates are all highly skilled and experienced field workers, each bringing an individual specialism to the Aid Works team. If you are interested in becoming an Associate, contact us.

Eba specialises in public health in emergencies, coordination & management, disaster risk reduction, health systems strengthening, research & evaluation and skills building. She has worked for INGOs, UN, research institutions and advocacy groups in East Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Read about her experiences responding to the Syrian crisis, here.

Iliesa is a monitoring and evaluation professional and also specialises in HIV/AIDS primary care and community awareness on gender equality. Iliesa has worked for the UN, INGOs and the Fiji Ministry of Health & Medical Services. Check out his LinkedIn profile here.lksjdfklsjfkskldflksjdfklsjflksjfksjdfksljdfklsdjfdsdfksjdfkljsflkjsflkjslkdfjdf

John is a development-oriented agricultural economist with over 20 years’ experience working in Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia as a consultant, project manager and technical adviser. John has worked in market system development, making markets work for the poor, value chains, climate smart agriculture, finance / micro finance, institutional capacity building, sector planning and coordination and monitoring and evaluation. Check out his LinkedIn profile here.

Kate specialises in public health, health promotion, health systems strengthening and research & evaluation. She has worked in South, East and West Africa as well as the UK. Check out her LinkedIn profile here. kjsfhksjhfkjshfksjhfksjfjsdfhjsdfhsjdfhjshfjsfhsjfdhkjshfkjsdfhkjsfhjksdhfkjsdhfjksdfhsjkdfhsjdkfhsdfkjshdf

Mardi specialises in providing holistic and collaborative approaches and solutions to monitoring, evaluation, program management and procurement. Mardi is experienced in the health, education, automotive, information technology and marketing sectors and has worked with governments, major donor agencies, and consulting companies in the Pacific, South East Asia, Asia, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

Mitra is a public health specialist with extensive experience supporting primary health care, malaria and NTD programs in East, West and Southern Africa, as well as South East Asia. She specialises in project and program management, operational research, project and policy assessment, and health systems strengthening. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

Nick specialises in emergency response planning, management & coordination, and humanitarian policy & access in armed conflict. He has worked for INGOs, the UN and donor agencies in East & West Africa and Central Asia. Check out his LinkedIn profile here. kjfkjshfkjshfkjshfkjshdfkjshdfkjshfkjshdfkjshdfkjshfkjshdfjkshdfjksfhsjkdfh

Simon is a C4D, BCC and WASH consultant, specialising in Community Based Approaches to WASH & Health Promotion, Education, Social Marketing and Peace-building. He has a substantial track record in project management and completion, gained over 30 years of working in challenging environments in East, West, Central and Southern Africa. Check out his LinkedIn profile here.

Toby specialises in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in emergencies. He has 10 years field experience working for INGOs in WASH in Central and East Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He has been training humanitarians for the past 18 years in a variety of areas: programme management, security, logistics, shelter, and of course WASH. Check out his LinkedIn profile here.