We can help to:

–      Design your project;
–      Develop your monitoring systems;
–      Design and facilitate training courses;
–      Evaluate your work.

We support organisations in all aspects of the programme cycle. Our expertise is in programme design, monitoring systems development, evaluations and training. We believe that aid can work, and want to make it work better. Some recent projects are listed below – contact us if you need some support and want to find out how we can help.

–      Design of International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s monitoring, evaluation and learning system.

–      Evaluation of the DFID-funded climate change project, Building Resilience in Chad and Sudan.

–      Development of DFID Uganda’s Malaria Strategy.

–      Performance evaluation of an EU-funded integrated health and nutrition project in Sierra Leone.

–      Supply chain assessment on behalf of UNICEF, covering health, nutrition and education commodities in South Sudan.

–      Project review and design of DFID health projects,  through HEART.

–      Development of practical, community-level training materials for the Mozambique health programme through Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

–      Part of IOD PARC’s consortium working on DFID’s Specialist Evaluation and Quality Assurance Service (SEQAS).

–      Evaluation of WHO’s country presence across eight countries with IOD PARC – look for updates on our news page.

–      Provision of Monitoring and Evaluation support for Ministry of Health South Sudan, with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. This includes Health Management Information System and supervision tool development and developing community based monitoring systems.

–      Support to Save the Children in developing a Hospital Response Unit.

–      Advice and support on monitoring US government funded health programmes in Sudan through Management Systems International.

–      Design of ‘state-of-the-art’ protection cluster training materials for the Danish Refugee Council.

–      Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) programme and fund management design, annual review and business case development for DFID.

–      Evaluation of the fund management and implementation of the DFID Ebola Emergency Response Fund (DEERF).

–      Strategic advice, programme design, training and implementation support for the fund manager Crown Agents and the South Sudan Health Pooled Fund phases 1 and 2.

–      Learning review of nutrition, agriculture and livelihoods activities implemented by USAID’s Community Connector project in Uganda with The QED Group. The Community Connector project uses an adaptive management approach.

–      Mid-Term Review of the Start Network’s Talent Development Project; a project that provides learning and development of emergency responders in disaster-prone countries (Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia, Jordan, DRC and Lebanon).