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DHIS Computer Screen

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Where am I?

Welcome to the modules developed for the South Sudan Health Management Information System. These modules are based around the District Health Information Software (DHIS) 1.4. To start learning, click here.

What’s so special?

The modules have been created specifically for South Sudan’s systems and reporting structure. We have designed these modules to be interactive, fun, low cost and accessible on low band widths. Learners should be able to work through the modules remotely. The picture and sound quality won’t be 3D, so no need for special glasses!

Will I get feedback?

Many of the modules have quizzes at the end if accessed online.  Answers are submitted automatically and you will receive feedback from a HMIS expert.

What happens next?

Go through the modules at your leisure. When you have worked through them, there is a quick survey at the end, so you can tell us what you think. These are pilot modules, so we are keen to get your feedback. If you have further comments or ideas for further modules, please contact us using this form.

How were these modules funded?

The modules have been developed by the Health Pooled Fund (HPF), to support distance learning for new staff and to help experienced staff wanting to train others. For further details about the HPF please click here.

We hope you enjoy working through the modules and look forward to receiving your feedback.

To start learning, click here.