HMIS E-Learning Modules

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Accompanying resources for the modules can be found here.

01 – Essentials To The System (1min 20s)

02 – Getting Started With the DHIS 1.4 (4min 30s)

03 – The Control Centre (1min 7s)

04 – How to Enter Data (4min 25s)

05 – How Do I Produce a Basic Report? (2min 5s)

06 – How Do I Produce a Graph? (4min 40s)

07 – How Do I Send Data To Others (Exporting)? (3min 21s)

08 – Good Quality Data (2min 32s)

09 – Creating a Pivot Table (3min 23s)

10 – Fun With Pivot Tables (2min 49s)

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