Get the North to the South

In light of re-thinking how aid should be delivered we have decided to stop the below programme, in favour of focusing on helping the Global South to support the Global South.

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Bringing development skills and knowledge to the North of England, and sharing them with the world.

We want to get skilled people from the North of England to the Global South

Many young people are passionate about humanitarian and development issues and often play an important role in fundraising activities and in raising awareness. They are the potential aid workers of tomorrow, yet it is a world that can often seem remote from their day-to-day experience. Not only are the countries affected by humanitarian catastrophes and development challenges often geographically and culturally distant, but so are many of the UK-based agencies involved in delivering assistance. Almost no practical training is offered in the North of England and Aid Works wants to address that gap.

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Our Courses

Our courses are carefully designed to meet the real needs of school and college students, undergraduates, graduates and teachers interested in humanitarian and development issues. The courses:

  • provide practical advice and information
  • make technical issues easy to digest and understand
  • build learners’ confidence as well as their practical skills

Aid Works creates a supportive and participative learning environment which:

  • provides training which is personal, practical and participatory
  • encourages participants to share ideas and challenges
  • provides an opportunity to practice skills, tools and techniques
  • uses plain language to explain technical jargon

We limit the size of our training groups. This allows us to adapt the content of each course to the needs of each group and address the specific concerns of individual participants. Our approach means that course participants quickly gain confidence and skills.

Our Experience

Mo and Mia Ali have a wide range of practical development and humanitarian experience in the field. They can relate directly to the issues that participants raise. They have professional experience in training and regularly adapt and review the Aid Works courses in line with participants’ feedback.

To find out more, visit our Training & Mentoring page or download our Get the North to the South Leaflet.

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