Aim and Values

Our aim is to help NGOs strengthen their systems, and to support local and international aid workers to reach their potential through training and e-learning.

Whatever we’re working on, we try to keep to the following core values:

1. Affordability: We are a social enterprise; a non-profit making organisation set up as a business. We want to ensure that our products are affordable for everyone while covering our own costs.

2. Innovation: We bring innovative ideas to our work, but only when it’s appropriate and not for its own sake.

3. Practicality: We provide simple and clear advice, focusing on practical skills and drawing on real-life experience.

4. Empowerment: We empower others to do better work and work towards locals solving local problems.

5. Continuous Improvement: We always try to improve what we do, seeking feedback which we use to make our activities better.

6. Keeping it Simple: We don’t reinvent the wheel. We work where it’s appropriate and produce appropriate solutions.

7. Positivity: We are optimists, and strive to be helpful, friendly and positive about the power of aid to make the world better.

8. Buying Local: We buy locally whenever possible.

9. Paying Our Way: We are committed to paying our fair share of taxes in our countries of operation, and endeavour to choose suppliers which do the same.