Antiracism Unpacked


Let’s be honest – racism in the aid sector can be hard to talk about. We all want to do something. You’re worried that if you say the wrong thing, you could offend someone. But if you don’t say something, nothing changes. And talking is just the start – how on earth do you start tackling racism as an individual? 

It’s unbelievably complex and requires discussions in safe spaces and confidentiality. But we do need to discuss the topic. This programme will help you as an individual to make change happen.


Mohammed (Mo) Ali has developed a six stage programme to help individuals become change makers in anti-racism. The programme consists of 6 one-to-one sessions, incorporating a mix of coaching and specific exercises. Everything remains confidential. You can bring anything to the table as it’s a safe space. Here’s a potential outline of your journey – however each journey is your own to make, with Mo in the passenger seat.

  1. Explore anti-racism and what it means to you
  2. Dig deep into issues and uncomfortable areas
  3. Set out the outcomes you want to achieve
  4. Co-create specific areas of change
  5. Test the approaches to make change happen
  6. Reflect on your change, review your outcomes and make an action plan

If a programme is too much, and you just need a one-off dig-deep call to help you get your direction sorted – get in touch.


Mo has 15 years’ experience in project implementation, training, learning and use of information for action. All of which has always been about facilitating change. He’s worked from South Sudan to Sierra Leone, to Sheffield. Roads aren’t great in all those locations. 

He has mentored a huge number of aid workers in his time and most recently has been a coach for Akimbo Workshops and Seth Godin’s altMBA alumni. 

Mo grew up in Lozells – inner city Birmingham UK – where racial tension and violence were common. He grew up with the segregationist – assimilation tension in his life. He was also privileged enough to study at Cambridge University, a very different culture to Lozells (he won’t quote any latin as he knows none).  Mo brings a level head to this huge topic. 

What next?

Get in touch and have an initial no-pressure conversation via There are only 5 spaces on this programme, so we would recommend an early response.

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