The Linchpin one-to-one personal growth programme



You are doing your best but are struggling with competing demands. You want to push your project to achieve greater success and help your team to be more successful. But you struggle with time and energy. And you have countless pressures from donors, consortium partners and other stakeholders (another donor report, another donor meeting!). You want some support to ignite the change.


This six week programme is about looking beyond the usual constraints of time, funding and ‘capacity’. This is not your normal ‘coaching’ but a drive for a better you – you will explore yourself, build your own processes and we’ll give you specific prompts (exercises) to strengthen key mental muscles. By the end you’ll be ‘on fire’ – well not quite, but you’ll see change.

Every two weeks, we’ll discuss your challenges and wins. There are always some wins! We’ll delve deep behind the real challenges you are facing, unpack and understand them.

Everything remains confidential. It’s a safe space and you can bring anything to the table. The path is not linear and the journey is your own to make. Here’s a potential outline of your journey:

  1. Identify areas you have most trouble with and what success looks like
  2. Unpack the challenges and discuss your key outcomes
  3. Strengthen specific skills to help your outcomes
  4. Focus session on making decisions
  5. Test specific activities and solutions
  6. Review, reflect and develop an action plan.

Specific topics will include empathy, feedback, securing buy-in from stakeholders and making decisions in our uncertain world. 

What next?

Get in touch via and have an initial no-pressure conversation.

There are only 5 spaces on this programme so we recommend an early response.

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