Performance & Personal Development coaching

  • Are you passionate about helping people to change their lives?
  • Do you want to perform at your absolute best, within the challenges you face in your programme, organisation and environment, and without burning out?
  • Do you want to take your professional development into your own hands?

If so, our coaching could help you maximise the impact you make on the world.

Who will be my coach?

Mia Ali EPC has worked for international development INGOs and private sector organisations in East & West Africa, the Pacific and the UK. She specialises in programme management, operations, finance and grants management and building skills. She is a Professional & Personal Development coach for those working in the field of international development. Mia is a certified Erickson Professional Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. Review her LinkedIn profile here.

What is Coaching?

Affecting real change in your professional life requires clear goals, achievable actions plans, and the motivation and commitment to follow these through. How often have you made a plan, just for it to fizzle out as time passes, and work gets in the way?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, through which the coach supports you to affect change for yourself. It’s focused on the future, inspiring you to maximise your professional and personal potential. The coach supports you to set goals, find solutions and create realistic action plans. The coach does not advise you – rather they support you to discover your own, individualised and achievable plan for change.

What can I be coached on?

Mia can coach you on any aspect of your professional performance or personal development. Maybe you are struggling to make a real, lasting impact on the people you are serving because you are always firefighting at work. Or your performance is being limited by organizational politics, difficult team relationships or contextual challenges. Perhaps you need help shaping your next career move, or you’re thinking of moving ‘home’. Getting clarity, decision-making, finding solutions to specific challenges, action planning, increasing confidence or motivation, exploring strengths and gaining balance…the list is endless. Don’t worry if you’re not clear exactly what you need – Mia will help you find the most useful topic for you.

What will happen during a typical coaching session?

Your initial Intake Session will last for an hour.  We will get some admin out of the way, and discuss what coaching is, and isn’t, and how you want your coaching relationship to work. We will also begin to explore your reasons for seeking coaching, and what you want to achieve.

Subsequent sessions will last between 45 minutes and an hour. Mia’s coaching style is practical and solution-focused, so you’ll start by discussing what you want to achieve by the end of the session. Using questions, tools and exercises, Mia will then support you to explore new possibilities and perspectives, find creative solutions, make decisions and commit to a concrete and achievable action plan.

Is the coaching confidential?

Every session is completely confidential. In addition, Mia adheres to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics. (

How do I find out more?

Contact Mia at to arrange a free, friendly, no obligation chat to discuss if coaching is for you. Coaching can take place online or by phone.