Aid Works Wins Place at the School for Social Entrepreneurs!


We’re ridiculously excited to announce that the School for Social Entrepreneurs/Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme has awarded Aid Works a place on their Start-Up course in Leeds, as well as a grant of £4,000! 

The programme is packed full of inspirational and practical sessions that will help us make our Get the North to the South* project a reality. We know it’s going to be completely invaluable as the advice they’ve given us during the application process has already helped us hone our project – so imagine what the actual programme will do! The generous grant will help us kick off the project with some exciting training opportunities later this year – so watch this space!

*Our Get the North to the South project helps talented people from the North of England to get into aid work so they can share their skills with the rest of the world. Read more about it here.