Aid Works and the COVID-19 response – combining expertise in public health, WASH and information specialities

There is a universe of possibilities around how people and organisations can help during the coronavirus crisis.

At Aid Works, we’re working with our specialists in public health, WASH, communications, training and mentoring and public-private partnerships to decide where our skills will be of greatest use.

We want to harness the knowledge we’ve gained from evaluating projects and providing technical support to our in-country partners, and utilise the skills and experience of our associates.

Our immediate priorities are to:

  • Strengthen information communications at community level, using our expertise in WASH, public health (and not forgetting climate change).
  • Support localisation strategies by utilising our expertise in remote training, mentoring and learning.
  • Collaborate with research institutions and the private sector to find innovative solutions to supplying essential healthcare equipment.
  • Support technical experts and consultants who are finding it difficult to continue their work or to engage in the COVID-19 response.

Get in touch at if you would like to talk about any of the above.