Networking – who will you meet today?

NetworkingThis month the School for Social Entrepreneurs focused on networking – no, not the kind involving cables – but the kind we often ignore as we hide behind our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our followers will know we post regularly on social media, but it’s important to meet people face to face, too. Kate Welch, founder of Social Enterprise Acumen talked us through recognising your key networks and personal networking traits. It’s really difficult as a start-up to get your voice heard, or your products and services known to others. Top tips that came out of the session were:

  • Use your existing networks to promote your work;
  • Build relationships with people in person, as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Attend more networking events to promote your work and meet others – you never know who you may meet;
  • Support your networks – don’t compete with them!

In-house expert at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Andrea Watts, took us through pitching your enterprise. Our take-home messages were:

  • Start with a hook, and then introduce yourself;
  • Explain the why, the what and the how of your work;
  • End with a  killer close.

Our hook is…

What do Calais, a 1.5 x 2 metre square and over 2,000 open jobs in international development have in common?

To find out, contact us.