Our Programmes Director Mo chats to GoGoDone founder Heather Chavin – they share their experiences of using GoGoDone to meet new people, get inspired and get their work done!


With millions of people across the world working from home, many may be struggling to stay motivated and achieve their goals. GoGoDone is a way to connect with others, maintain accountability and therefore enhance productivity.

Individuals come together over video chat and are divided into groups in breakout rooms. Using the pomodoro technique (25 minutes working and 5 minutes break), each person focuses on their own work. During the 5 minute break, the groups chat about their work, share their experiences and give each other tips and feedback. It’s a great way to relieve stress and connect with others.

Check out https://www.go-go-done.com/ or email heatherchavin@gmail.com to get involved.