Talking about the F-word…Finance!

F-word Image

Today, the School for Social Entrepreneurs took Aid Works and other start-up social enterprises through the critical thinking needed around pricing and finance systems. Pricing can be a hard topic to talk about for a social enterprise, when people perceive us as ‘tree huggers’ or expect us to provide products or services for free. However, we compete in the same market as for-profit companies.

The key point for Aid Works to take away was to provide services for the value they are worth, while also providing access to services for customers who may not be able to pay a lot. We will aim to balance some free services  with training courses, new learning products, and pricings for different types of customers (e.g. students, smaller NGOs, schools).

Exposure to and usage of typical for-profit models -such as the Van Westendorp pricing sensitivity model and the Garber Granger new product model – will help us to ensure affordable pricing whilst moving towards sustainable business development.

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