Is our Careers in Aid course for you?

We think our Careers in Aid course is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in a career in the sector – but don’t take our word for it…Hannah Edge, one of our course participants, tells is like it is…

I attended the Careers in Aid course in October 2015. As a student with one year of my Masters in international development completed, I thought I had a good idea of what I wanted from the course and from my career. The training really shook this up for me. Throughout the sessions I learned about the practical side of working in this sector, the realities of the work and the importance of having a skill set to bring to the table.

Completing the Masters in international development provided a great theoretical background but it was through Careers in Aid that I was able, for the first time, to visualise how this comes to life on the ground – or in the field (as they say). The facilitators were engaging, had a wealth of knowledge and experience and were incredibly approachable. Through the morning sessions the facilitators encouraged us all to think about our personal motivations for choosing this career path, and in which sector we could see ourselves working. Having the opportunity and the space to think about these things was both exciting and daunting.

Through the various sessions, I gained a good understanding of the skills that I had, those that I needed and how my skills could be beneficial in a humanitarian and development career. The course helped me to navigate a personal plan and gave me confidence in my skills and abilities. I know there isn’t a one size fits all route into a career in aid and development but the course gave me the confidence to find a route suited to me where my skills could be beneficial.

The messages that I took away on the day were quite different to how I feel now, on reflection. At the time I soaked up as much information as I could about job searching, CV writing and job applications (perhaps driven by the fear of nearing the end of my time as a student). I felt that there was a secret to getting into aid that Aid Works was trying to share with us. However, looking back, in addition to these practical tips, I learned more much subtle skills through Careers in Aid which have been invaluable. Through this one day training I was pushed and given the confidence to apply for jobs, to contact organisations and to network effectively. Aid Works facilitated many ice breakers, energisers and group activities which encouraged the participants to share their experiences, motivations and ambitions. We were also able to speak to guest aid workers: the whole process was great practice for networking events, boosted my confidence in my skills and has encouraged me to get involved wherever I can.

If you’re thinking about a career in international development, and need some support, then our Careers in Aid course is for you. Facilitated by experienced aid workers, you will learn about the opportunities available to you in the sector, and explore how to get that all-important first job. For more details, and to see our upcoming course dates, visit our Training hub.

Our next course runs on 25th November, 2017, and spaces are already disappearing fast! Learn more about the course and book now.