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Developing Monitoring & Evaluation Systems – Top Ten Tips


Here at Aid Works, we have extensive experience of reviewing and developing monitoring systems for a range of NGOs and donors. Here are our top ten tips for developing an effective monitoring and evaluation system:  Continue reading

Preparing for the next major medical emergency

Emergency Surgical Response Unit - Francis Wood

Emergency Surgical Response Unit – Francis Woods

Aid Works is working with Save the Children UK to help improve the health information system for their Emergency Surgical Response Unit.

The Unit will function as an emergency resource in the event of a natural disaster causing mass casualties, or in conflict scenarios requiring longer-term trauma, surgical or clinical care support. Continue reading

Building systems for the future

Supervisory tool testing at Nimule Hospital, South Sudan

Mo has just returned from South Sudan, where he was working with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Health Information Systems Programme to support the Ministry of Health (MoH) in exploring the next generation of health systems. During the visit he explored three types of system; hospital information systems, the District Health Information Software 2 and supervisory tools for health facilities. Continue reading