Anti-racism Mastermind


What is it?

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.
—Eric Mueller, AltMBA coach

A mastermind blends coaching and learning. Supported by a group of peers, the goal is for you to work through your challenges and grow your insights to make change happen.

The Anti-racism Mastermind will give you access to other people’s knowledge and experiences. It will create a platform where you have mutual accountability within your cohort – all in confidence.

Why is it important?

Do you find it difficult to find space to discuss and create solutions to your challenges?

Do you need some help to process thoughts you may have been struggling with?

Do you find it hard to gain insights from impartial, thoughtful and trustworthy people outside of your organisation?

Use us, to connect with other amazing people like you!

Whether it’s localisation, anti-racism, neo/de/colonisation (hopefully no ‘re’), privilege, power, bloody due diligence (BDD), inside or outside the aid sector – all struggles are welcome as this is about social change and equity.

How does it work?

Every two weeks, we’ll have a one-hour call – we can decide what time suits everyone.

During the call we’ll share information, have discussions and use hot seats. With you in the hot seat we focus on your thoughts and the group will help you to unravel your challenges and propel your progress – all in a safe environment.  You will then decide on key actions to take forward.

Groups calls will host three to six people – an intimate experience to help you dig deep into your struggles and cheer you on your progress.

We will take the leap once we have the right group of people.

This Mastermind is run by The Innovation.

Want more information?

Drop us a line at .

Ready to sign up?

Fill out this application form – which will be followed by a one-to-one interview.

It is essential that everyone has the right mindset for change.