Anti-racism in aid workshops

We want to help you create a racism-free aid sector.


We create spaces for people to think, act and make change happen.

We lay out the steps organisations can take towards making lasting change in Anti-racism in aid – Three levels of change.

Our focus is on building a community of practitioners to discuss racism, using surveys, workshops, coaching and mastermind groups.*

We offer several options, including:

  • Running an independent review to create a situational analysis and discovery workshop, to find out what the current situation is and [people’s] thoughts, which could cover: racism levels, culture, policies/procedures, opportunities and reflections on the organisation’s strategy.
  • Facilitating a kick-start workshop to ignite discussions – for example, to define a problem or the change you want to create.
  • Leading a series of workshops to explore anti-racism, work through problems, define change, act on solutions and help you learn. This can include coordinating a confidential discussion via The Innovation community platform.

These workshops are run by The Innovation.

Option 1 – Situational analysis and discovery workshop

We can systematically work out your organisation’s current situation – including your previous challenges and achievements. We will hold key informant interviews, focus groups and a discovery workshop with any existing working groups.

Having us come in and conduct a situational analysis will give staff a greater level of trust in the information’s confidentiality and impartiality.  

Option 2 – Kick-start workshop to accelerate progress

We offer bespoke workshops for groups of people in your organisation, focusing on a tangible objective – for example, defining key issues or the change you want to create.

In itself, a workshop can ignite discussions that begin the process of transformational change.

Option 3 – Series of workshops to create a road map for transformational change

Through a series of workshops, we will develop a road map with you.

This is perfect if you’re finding it difficult to find space to think, learn and build sustainable momentum. Each workshop will last 1–1.5 hours.

For large groups, we can bring in additional facilitators and coaches.

The Innovation

Alongside the workshops, we can also set up a confidential group on The Innovation community platform.

Here you can write updates, ask questions and keep talking with your team members. It’s also a place where new joiners can catch up on discussions and resources.

Everything shared is confidential. We do not discuss anything about the organisations we work with with anyone outside of the facilitation team. And we keep individual information confidential, unless given permission. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting work.

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*A mastermind group is a ‘peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members’ – Eric Mueller, AltMBA coach