The platform for anti-racism in aid is you

‘I know in an age of social media it can seem like you need a platform to do meaningful work. Not true in the least. Your home is your platform, your extended family is your platform, your office is your platform’. – Rachel Cargle*  

Rachel could have easily have been talking about racism in the aid sector.

Formal structures or working groups in your organisation and training and workshops for staff are all important.

However, we should ALL be involved in doing the hard work. Which means:

  • Be comfortable talking about racism with your colleagues
  • Bring it up in internal meetings
  • Every time you review a policy – think about who is involved in the review and how the policy may impact different people
  • Talk about racism with your donors and your partners
  • Create informal meeting spaces by contacting one other person to talk with about racism – it only takes one person to start a space and many spaces can exist in your organisation.

If you’re struggling to find your way, we are here

It can be difficult to start your platform. If you’ve already started the conversation, it can be difficult for you to start new ones.

What about starting with a simple email:

Did you see that article/webinar [insert link] about racism in aid, I found it [insert your opinion], perhaps we could discuss it [insert meeting or space]?

If you need some feedback on your approach, advice on your training, help running internal mastermind groups* or want an inspiring workshop – get in touch. As an individual get in touch for a dig-deep session or enrol on Anti-racism Unpacked coaching. We are here to help create an anti-racist aid sector. 


Rachel Cargle* is a Black American author, academic, speaker, and super-star activist. We recommend following her Instagram – even if you’re not usually an Instagram user – it’s inspirational to help you #dothework.

A mastermind group* is a ‘peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members’ – Eric Mueller, AltMBA coach

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