Chasing Misery Anthology Published on International Women’s Day

Chasing Misery Book Cover

Rwandans gather at the Songore Transit Camp in Ngozi Province, Burundi. © Jenn Warren,

Aid Works is excited to announce the publication of Chasing Misery, an anthology of essays by women working in humanitarian responses. Mia was part of the editorial team for the anthology, and contributed an essay, Built To Carry Thirteen.  Her essay describes a six-hour car journey across a sprawling state in South Sudan; one which ultimately ends in tragedy. She explores the difficult relationship between aid workers and the people they are trying to help, and comes face to face with the harsh reality of preventable death.

The book contains twenty-one first-person essays and twenty-three striking black and white photographs, which describe humanitarian responses in a wide variety of countries, including Haiti, Syria, Pakistan and Darfur. It collects together different experiences, perspectives and voices of women involved in humanitarian work. In contrast to the stories we see in the media – where we are given just a brief glimpse of some of the most difficult places on earth – the essays tell complex stories with a very human face and whole lot of heart. Chasing Misery doesn’t answer all the questions or debates about humanitarian aid work – in fact, it might start a few more – but it does provide a deeper insight into the complex world of humanitarian responses through the eyes of women working on front line.

Mia said:

“Reading all the essays submitted to Chasing Misery has been fascinating – they describe such a rich catalogue of experiences and emotions and I’ve learnt a lot about humanitarian responses across the globe. I’ve found some sort of sisterhood within the anthology; it’s been wonderful and comforting to discover that other women share my hopes and fears for humanitarian aid. In addition, Chasing Misery has given me the opportunity to share my overseas experiences with friends and family, who found it hard to understand my work.”

To find out more about Chasing Misery, check out the Chasing Misery website and Facebook page.

Chasing Misery is available in paperback or eBook format from (or you can search for it on your local Amazon site).