How do local and national NGOs access funding?

Aid Works is assisting the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and NEAR (Network for Empowered Aid Response) to understand the amount of funding reaching local and national NGOs directly and indirectly. The research will be used to develop case studies for Somalia and South Sudan. Leading the work in South Sudan, Aid Works will document the successes and challenges local/national NGOs face in accessing funding, including perspectives from all stakeholders (donors, fund managers, international implementers and local/national actors).

A study reference group will oversee our work, which will follow ODI ethics standards to ensure that all data is treated appropriately while developing a rigorous evidence base for the study findings.

The research will expand the evidence base on how to increase locally led responses, and help meet the objectives of the Grand Bargain’s goal of providing more support and funding tools for local and national responders.